CKEditor 5 - Upgrade and Caveats

Backdrop 1.27.0 released January 15, 2024, and included a new major version of the popular rich text editor CKEditor. The jump from CKEditor 4 to 5 is a big one, with an entirely new plugin architecture.

This session we'll be reviewing the upgrade process for sites using CKEditor 4, starting with sites that are simply upgrading to the latest version. Then we'll go over common issues and differences from CKEditor 4, such as loading CSS into the editor.

Finally, we'll take a look at upgrading modules and plugins to the new API.

What will happen in Backdrop 2.x?

Join us for a lively discussion on what should (or should not) be included in Backdrop 2.x.

The lifespan of Backdrop 1.x has been extended several times as the lifespan of Drupal 7 has been extended. Initially, our goal was for Backdrop 2.x to be released at least 2 years after the end of Drupal 7 support. Our hope was to give Drupal 7 site owners they time they need to both move to Backdrop, and prepare for the first Backdrop major version upgrade. 

Bee Inspired


Bee is the command line tool for Backdrop that is developed specifically for Backdrop and is being actively developed. It runs on Linux based systems (including MacOS) but not Windows.  It has a number of functions in common with Drush and Brush but there are a few key gaps.

Bee - Introduction and/or Discussion

Bee is the command line tool built specifically for Backdrop. It allows you to complete a number of actions on your Backdrop site, and build scripts that automate aspects of site management.

This is an open discussion about Bee; it could be an introduction or we could discuss possible future developments.

Comment below if you would like to talk about anything in particular related to bee.

Managing Support Clients

Triplo has been taking on more support clients, which involves taking care of sites that we didn't originally build. On boarding and managing a roster of support clients while also managing larger development projects poses unique challenges. 

I'd like to share some of the things we're doing at Triplo to grow and support our support offerings and share some of the challenges. 

I'm looking for ideas, tools, workflows, and management techniques that others use to manage their support clients. 

I'm really looking forward to this discussion.

A hive of activity?

During a discussion on bee during the last Backdrop Live, there was discussion around the site alias functionality that drush has, which would enable bee to perform actions on remote installs of Backdrop.  Given that drush support for Backdrop is likely to end with the Drupal 7 End of Life I think that ensuring this functionality is available for bee going forward is becoming more and more important. I would like to explore with people who used the functionality

How to host Backdrop sites on Pantheon

In this hour I would like to discuss the pros and cons of hosting your site on Pantheon, several strategies for success, and possible future improvements. 

Questions we should address:

  1. How many sites/people want to be on Pantheon (but have reservations)?
  2. What are the technical challenges for Backdrop sites to be effectively hosted on pantheon?
  3. Are there things short of "official support" that Pantheon could do to help?
  4. What would "official support" for Backdrop look like?