Preparing for CKEditor 5

CKEditor 4 is reaching its end of support November 2023. The Backdrop community has been working towards transitioning to CKEditor 5. Come see the current state of the new module, how to test it, and what work remains to be done. We expect this module will be included in Backdrop 1.27.0.

Decoupled Blocks with Drupal, Backdrop, and React

Over the last few months I decided to start building some of the decoupled blocks that I've been hearing about at Drupal events.  After getting the Drupal version working I wondered about how I would put the same block into a Backdrop site.  So I changed the module to be a Backdrop module instead of a Drupal module.

After that project I had a Backdrop site that had information I wanted to share inside a Drupal site.  I reversed the process, making a decoupled Backdrop block first and then changing the module to be a Drupal module.

Bee - Introduction and/or Discussion

Bee is the command line tool built specifically for Backdrop. It allows you to complete a number of actions on your Backdrop site, and build scripts that automate aspects of site management.

This is an open discussion about Bee; it could be an introduction or we could discuss possible future developments.

Comment below if you would like to talk about anything in particular related to bee.


Ubercart in Backdrop is looking amazing!

Several members of the Backdrop community have devoted their time and knowledge to making this happen - working on coding, integrations and documentation.  Why not spin up a site on Backdrop, and test out this user-friendly set of modules.

We are hoping to hear from

The Future of Paragraphs

Join this conversation about the future of Paragraphs for Backdrop. This session will include a short demo of the current state of functionality in the Paragraphs module, as well as a sneak-peak at some functionality that is in development but hasn't been shared publicly yet. Following that, a time of conversation will help provide questions, input, feedback and hopes about what is to come.

Module Showcase

Have you ported or created a module that you want to share? Perhaps you are excited about a module that you've recently discovered and think it deserves a bit of a celebration?

This event is open for anyone to share about a module.  I'll be sharing a few that I've done; hopefully others will too.

A hive of activity?

During a discussion on bee during the last Backdrop Live, there was discussion around the site alias functionality that drush has, which would enable bee to perform actions on remote installs of Backdrop.  Given that drush support for Backdrop is likely to end with the Drupal 7 End of Life I think that ensuring this functionality is available for bee going forward is becoming more and more important. I would like to explore with people who used the functionality

Commerce solutions for Backdrop

In Drupal 7 there were many ways to setup e-commerce sites, and lots of sites were setup with each of those options. Ubercart has been ported and has a lot of other modules to extend it, but many others are not ported yet or are only available with minimal or partially ported features.

Come discuss the commerce options that are available for site owners and what we can do to make more options available.

Solr, Lando, and Backdrop

I recently began trying to learn more about Solr search.  I found old instructions on getting Solr to work with Drupal 8 locally using Lando.  After getting that working I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with Backdrop.  It turns out that it isn't that different.  Come learn how to setup Solr search to begin experimenting and learning more.