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This is an intermediate discussion for those who have some experience of managing Backdrop or Drupal with command line tools such as bee, brush and/or drush. It is NOT about command line tools for beginners.

There are three command line tools to support the installation and management of Backdrop websites:

  • bee
  • brush
  • drush (backdrop extension)

Bee, formerly knows as Backdrop Console is inspired by drush and is under active development

Brush, is no longer being maintained in favour of bee

The Drush Backdrop Extension is dependent on Drush version 8 which appears to be supported until the current Drupal 7 EOL (November 2023) but there have been reports that it doesn't work with PHP 8 (PHP 7.4 reaches EOL in 2022).

What are the barriers to adopting bee as a command line tool?

Do people use bee for some tasks and other tools for other tasks?

How do we encourage more participation in developing the missing functions of bee (i.e. updates)?

Are there any other missing functions? What can we do to address these?

Intended Audience: 
  • Experienced
  • Website Architects (no code)
  • Developers (yes code)
  • Technical (even if no code)