DDev for Backdrop CMS

I've been switching my local development from Lando to DDev. I've created some custom commands to create a local snapshot of a my site and restore it as needed. 

I've also created a local bash script to spin up new local sites and incorporates DDev. 

I'm happy to share what I've learned and learn from what others are doing with DDev. 

I'd like to focus on DDev during this session, but there may be some talk about other local development tools as well. 

Bee Inspired


Bee is the command line tool for Backdrop that is developed specifically for Backdrop and is being actively developed. It runs on Linux based systems (including MacOS) but not Windows.  It has a number of functions in common with Drush and Brush but there are a few key gaps.

Local Dev Tools Showcase

This is an opportunity for folks in the community to share their local development workflow. Each interested participant will be given 5-10 minutes to show/share the tools and processes they use for local development. 

So far, the following folks have expressed an interest in participating:

  • Tim Erickson - Lando 
  • Martin Price - Lando 
  • Joseph Flatt - Custom

Post a comment here if you would be willing to share a little bit about the tools you use for local devevelopment.

Bee - Introduction and/or Discussion

Bee is the command line tool built specifically for Backdrop. It allows you to complete a number of actions on your Backdrop site, and build scripts that automate aspects of site management.

This is an open discussion about Bee; it could be an introduction or we could discuss possible future developments.

Comment below if you would like to talk about anything in particular related to bee.

Solr, Lando, and Backdrop

I recently began trying to learn more about Solr search.  I found old instructions on getting Solr to work with Drupal 8 locally using Lando.  After getting that working I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with Backdrop.  It turns out that it isn't that different.  Come learn how to setup Solr search to begin experimenting and learning more.

To bee or not to bee?

... that is the question!

This is an intermediate discussion for those who have some experience of managing Backdrop or Drupal with command line tools such as bee, brush and/or drush. It is NOT about command line tools for beginners.

There are three command line tools to support the installation and management of Backdrop websites:

  • bee
  • brush
  • drush (backdrop extension)

Bee, formerly knows as Backdrop Console is inspired by drush and is under active development

Brush, is no longer being maintained in favour of bee