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There is currently an effort being made to port the Organic Groups module from Drupal 7. This is a large and complex module, but important to many sites. In this session, we'll talk about:

  • What the Organic Groups module does and why it's important to the community
  • The progress of the port 
  • If the work is ongoing, how we can work together to expedite completion
  • If the work is complete, what we learned from the experience


I'm interested to learn something about the mechanics behind: How user settings are working? Why a registered user can't be deleted? Where is a possibility to solve this?

How could I carry a group membership to a user (enter a group), set automatically the group membership for content, while carrying this membership (content autotag) and how could I release it (leaving a group)?

How could I display all group content or group members, just while carrying the membership info?

Please realize, that this is different than to register to a group for membership.

My idea:

To enter a group, should go trough a gateway or link on the groups main page (the group itself). The membership to a group is already required to be allowed to enter this group. The state is carried like a flag (entered or not). A view should be able to act as a group menu.

Unfortunately I don't know, how to realize it.

@olafski I may not be able to attend sessions on the 12th due to a prior commitment. Take good notes? :)

@laryn, thanks for your message. Hope you can attend. But agreed in any case that we should take notes.