Tutorial Videos for New Users

I'm a new user myself and as I looked for videos to learn more about Backdrop, I didn't find the kinds of videos I needed.

So... I'm spearheading the development of videos that would make learning Backdrop fun and easy.

There is so much potential and so much need for people to build fantastic websites. These videos will be and inspiration and highly instructional and to the point.

Block B - Slot 6

3pm July 9th, UTC -8 (Oakland, Seattle)
5pm July 9th, UTC -6 (Chicago, Dallas, Managua)
6pm July 9th, UTC -5 (New York, Miama)
7pm July 9th, UTC -3 (Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago)
Midnight July 10th, UTC +1 (Berlin, Oslo, Madrid, Johannesburg, Cairo)
1am July 10th, UTC +2 (Beruit, Athens)
7am July 10th, UTC +9 (Tokyo, Seoul)
8am July 10th, UTC +10 (Sydney)

Room 2