Closing: The Future of Backdrop CMS and the Backdrop community.

This is our closing session for this iteration of Backdrop LIVE. We will take this time at the end of the event to reflect on what we've learned and talk about the future of Backdrop CMS. 

Block F - Slot 16

1pm July 10th, UTC -8 (Oakland, Seattle)
3pm July 10th, UTC -6 (Chicago, Dallas, Managua)
4pm July 10th, UTC -5 (New York, Miama)
5pm July 10th, UTC -3 (Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago)
10pm July 10th UTC +1 (Berlin, Oslo, Madrid, Johannesburg, Cairo)
11pm July 10th, UTC +2 (Beruit, Athens)
5am July 11th, UTC +9 (Tokyo, Seoul)
6am July 11th, UTC +10 (Sydney)