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What is Sass? What can it do that I can't already do with CSS?

Why might I want to use it?

Is it helpful or would it create barriers?

A discussion around the use of Sass in sub-theming and theming.  See it in action if you've never seen it before and discuss the pros and cons of using it in Backdrop




My team still uses SASS on all our big Drupal client projects. I used to love the Zen theme for Drupal 7, because it came with config files and instructions for SASS tools, first Compass and then Gulp. 

When I use SASS I still use Gulp. I've done some Drupal Camp presentations on how to set up and customize Gulp in a Drupal 7 theme, based largely on this excellent blog post:

Here is a recorded version of my Gulp session:

I would not recommend using Gulp and SASS for anyone that is only theming a single site. But, if you plan to theme a bunch of sites, you might find it useful. It does add complexity to a site and I've spoken to some prolific and talented front end developers that prefer to work in straight CSS. 

I think it might be helpful if we had better starter themes for Backdrop that include an optional SASS starter kit.