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Block B - Slot 5

Slot 5: 3:00 pm America/Los_Angeles - October 21, 2022

What is Sass? What can it do that I can't already do with CSS?

Why might I want to use it?

Is it helpful or would it create barriers?

A discussion around the use of Sass in sub-theming and theming.  See it in action if you've never seen it before and discuss the pros and cons of using it in Backdrop


Facilitator(s) if known: 


My team still uses SASS on all our big Drupal client projects. I used to love the Zen theme for Drupal 7, because it came with config files and instructions for SASS tools, first Compass and then Gulp. 

When I use SASS I still use Gulp. I've done some Drupal Camp presentations on how to set up and customize Gulp in a Drupal 7 theme, based largely on this excellent blog post:

Here is a recorded version of my Gulp session:

I would not recommend using Gulp and SASS for anyone that is only theming a single site. But, if you plan to theme a bunch of sites, you might find it useful. It does add complexity to a site and I've spoken to some prolific and talented front end developers that prefer to work in straight CSS. 

I think it might be helpful if we had better starter themes for Backdrop that include an optional SASS starter kit.