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Recipes are a type of module that primarily adds configuration and content without necessarily adding features that your site does not already have. Examples of recipes are:

Some issues we will talk about:

  • The current status of recipes and what recipes are available?
  • What recipes do we most need?
  • How to a contrib recipe?
  • What needs to happen next to make them easier to use?
  • Is "recipes" the right term/label for these? I've been told that the term is confusing and misleading.

As mentioned above, my current definition of a recipe is a module that takes advantage of existing features and code to add functionalilty to the site. One possible definition of a recipe is any module that adds functionality which remains even if the module is disabled. 



It has been argued quite persuasively to me, that the term 'recipes' implies a list of instructions on how to do something. In Drupal land there is a recipe initiative which centers around a collection of "best practices" and or tested instructions on how to acheive specific goals.

Is our use of "recipes" confusing? Is there a better term?

Personally, I think that this concept is still new enough that we could change the terminology with little cost (and potentially an improved understanding of what we intend).

In Drupal 7 these were "features," but the term features has a very specific meaning to former Drupal 7 users and we think it would be confusing to use it for this purpose in Backdrop land.