Backdrop LIVE is based upon an unconference model. Anyone can declare a topic up through the day of the event and the schedule is subject to change at any time. What would you like to talk about?

This conversation is intended to be about new developments that are coming with Paragraphs, and can also include discussion of ways to use Paragraphs currently and a sharing of questions and ideas. Topics will include (but aren't limited to):

  • The ability to publish/unpublish Paragraphs items: #61
  • The ability to edit/sort/delete/add/unpublish Paragraphs items from the front end via modal popups: #60
  • Briefly touching on the "Pre-fab Paragraphs" work in progress towards a system of implementing a variety of "out of the box" Paragraph types to build with: #80
    (this will be discussed in more depth in the Config Recipes session)

A short (16 minute) screencast is linked below so interested folks can watch ahead of time and come with ideas and questions related to the information.