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WGET is a command line tool for retrieving web content. It makes it easy for us to take site backups, or generate static site content from a URL.

In this hands-on session we will get familiar with using WGET to:

  • generate a site backup
  • create static site pages from a local website or a www hosted website

We encourage you to come to this session with your computer. All you will need is a terminal program so you can access the command line. If even that is too much, you can just attend and follow the discussion!

Fear not! This will be a great session for anyone with just a little bit of command line experience. We will start with basics, and build our experience together. It will be fun and easy to learn some new things and get more comfortable with the command line.

Participants will use WGET to generate static pages during the session. The intention is to show that you could use a locally hosted BackDrop site to generate a static site that can be published to any web hosting.



Do you need server access to create a static copy of a site with WGET or could someone create a Demo site on and then create a static version of it with WGET?

All you need for this session is a desire to learn!  Lurkers can just listen in and follow along.  Participants need a computer with access to a terminal program. 

We'll work together and share our experiences as we learn something new and exciting!