Backdrop LIVE is based upon an unconference model. Anyone can declare a topic up through the day of the event and the schedule is subject to change at any time. What would you like to talk about?

Block F - Slot 16

Slot 16: 2:00 pm America/Los_Angeles - April 5, 2024

Now that Backdrop Live IX is almost in the books, let's take a moment to consider things that could be done differently.

  • What should we do more of?
  • Is there anything we should do less of?
  • How does the scheduling work for you?
    • Days of the week
    • Times of the daty
    • Length of session
  • How do the recording policies work for you?
  • How does Zoom work for you?
  • Were there sessions you couldn't make it to? Why not?
    • Inconvenient times?
    • Conflicts
  • Were there topics that weren't covered that you wanted to learn about?
  • Were there things you wanted to learn more about?
  • Where there aspects of the presentation that could have been improved
Intended Audience: 
  • All skill levels
  • Experienced


I'm not going to be able to attend this discussion, but here are a couple of comments. 

1) I'm inclined to make this a Thursday and Friday event, rather than Friday and Saturday. I've pushed back against this for a long time, but my personal observation is that there are many more people who are able to participate during the week and not on the weekend than the reverse. 

2) I'm inclined to re-examine the global schedule (late night sessions in the USA), unless we are able to provide such sessions on Thursday night rather than Friday night. 

If we move to Thursday and Friday, it might be worth trying the same global schedule at least once more.

These are my biggest thoughts. I'll have more thoughts later...


EDIT: Another idea is that we move to two events per year. One unconference, Backdrop LIVE, and one more traditional conference focused on presentations that are recorded.