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Block E - Slot 14

Slot 14: 9:00 am America/Los_Angeles - April 5, 2024

Keeping your site registration and password reset emails out of SPAM folders is an ongoing battle, one that I feel like I'm always losing. 

Let's use this time to talk about best practices for configuring your email to ensure that email works as it should and emails sent by your website get to the intended target. 

  1. Email processing tools like Sendgrid and their competitors. What are the options available? How to choose? Differences?
    1. Sendgrid -
    2. Mailwarm -
    3. Mailgun -
  2. CNAME, SPF, DKIM, MX records and more...
    1. Can we leave this session with a basic understanding of how each of these terms differs from the other.

I've been learning about these things recently and will share what I've learned, but I'm hoping others with experience will come to this discussion and help share their knowledge.

For the most part, I don't expect this session to be Backdrop specific. Most of what we discuss will apply to other CMSs as well.

If you have questions you would like to see us address, please post a comment here (must be logged in).

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  • All skill levels


So glad you’re doing this session! Feels like a losing battle sometimes, for sure. I proposed a security best practices session before I realized your session is likely going to touch on these topics enough that my idea is probs irrelevant. Thank you!

PS is this time slot really 4am?

@Kelly Bell Whether it's really at 4am depends on your timezone. I'm guessing the answer is yes for you. It's one of the challenges of trying to provide content that isn't location-centric to a single country or small range of timezones... But it's possible it will be recorded and/or moved to a different slot I suppose.

We did move this session to a different time slot.