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Block F - Slot 16

Slot 16: 2:00 pm America/Los_Angeles - April 5, 2024

Let's have a discussion about SEO.  I've tried to make use of my librarian training in the past to game search results.  I'll offer some of my experiences with search console, analytics and data studio.  All Google products.

When I worked for the library we had a language learning database that we called Free Rosetta Stone but people couldn't find it.  So I went to work on the node for it. 

I added all of the available languages in the database along with the sentence, "Unfortunately, Transparent Language does not offer courses in Ancient Greek or Ancient Egyptian heirogyphics so reading the Rosetta Stone(link is external) will require further study."

Not surprisingly we started showing up in search results when people searched a language and the words rosetta stone.  Just an example.

Intended Audience: 
  • All skill levels
  • Website Architects (no code)


I love that we've included Backdrop or Drupal in this conversation. There really should not be any difference.

I'm very intersted in this topic. If there is time, we could look at and see if there are some SEO improvements we could make. 

Just a thought.

I'm interested to learn more.  I've long thought it's just about optimising the content and structure to match search terms and this seems to sort of confirm that but to look at including key phrases in key places.