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Block E - Slot 14

Slot 14: 9:00 am America/Los_Angeles - September 23, 2023

In November of last year, I deleted my active Twitter account and became active on Mastodon instead. I'm very happy with this move. 

Mastodon is part of a federated network of decentralized servers and platforms that communicate using the Activity Pub protocol. Both modern Drupal and Wordpress have Activity Pub modules/plug-ins which allow them to be active nodes in the larger Fediverse. 

During this session, I'm happy to talk about my experience with Mastodon (similar to Twitter) and Pixelfed (Similar to Instagram). Answer any questions I can about what the Fediverse is and how it works. Begin a discussion about creating an Activity Pub module for Backdrop CMS that would allow any BackdropCMS site to become an interactive node in the larger Fediverse.