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Block C - Slot 7

Slot 7: 8:00 pm America/Los_Angeles - April 4, 2024

A check in on

  1. Have you used it?
  2. Are you planning on using it?
  3. What do you wish it would do for you?
  4. Anything you'd like improved?
Intended Audience: 
  • All skill levels
  • Website Architects (no code)
  • Technical (even if no code)


With D2B I rarely use backdrop status, but one of the main goals when I am using it is to get a list of backdrop modules that I need to download in backdrop.  At Midcamp there was an interesting request to generate drush/bee command that can be used on backdrop site to install modules that are needed for migration.  The magin of "one-click"  :)