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Block E - Slot 13

Slot 13: 8:00 am America/Los_Angeles - October 22, 2022

We have an ongoing new feature priority poll on the Backdrop CMS forum. This issue has topped the list for quite a while, but lacks a clear proposal on how to make it happen.

It seems as if the next steps forward are to create a clearer picture of exactly what problem folks are hoping to solve with this issue AND to come up with a specific proposal. 

As stated, there is some concern that the idea of actually adding an icon font to core might not be the best solution to the problem that folks are asking us to solve, at the same time we're not entirely sure exactly what problem it is that we are trying to solve. Maybe this is more about making an icon library available in core?

Here are some notes from the most recent dev meeting where this issue was discussed:

I brought this up briefly in today's meeting and the consensus is that we are not sure if people are voting for this as a problem to solve or for this specific solution.

We suspect that people are asking for a tool in core to manage and provide icons and that they are NOT specifically advocating for an icon font. A while back @wesruv suggested an alternative solution. #364 (comment)

Should we repurpose this issue or open a new issue focused on adding a means of managing icons in core that does not necessarily mean an icon font?

I also have the sense that some folks are skeptical about doing this in core at all. Thoughts?

If you are one of the 14 people who voted for this issue - are you voting specifically for an icon font or are you simply voting for some kind of icon delivery tool?


If you are interested in this issue, please:

  1. Comment here to help us understand what problem you are tying solve. Maybe provide a specific use case. 
  2. Comment in the issue queue. We appreciate hearing from new voices in the issue queue!
  3. Come to Backdrop LIVE and join in this discussion.


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